Below is a list of links for information on where to recycle, grants, bins, our sponsors and more.

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  • AzRC 2018 Scholarship Application- Due by September 15, 2018

    The intent of the AZRC Scholarship Program is to develop new leaders for the recycling and sustainability industries who are enrolled in an environmental sustainability field of study. AZRC will award up to three $2,500 scholarships to students enrolled full-time in public or private Arizona college or university.

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    AZRC will pay for travel, lodging, and meals for college students outside of Maricopa County to come to the AZRC conference. College students inside of Maricopa County will have their meals paid and conference fee waived, and will also be included in all activities in the 3-day itinerary. The itinerary includes dinner with AZRC board members, AZRC conference, tour of PHX north gateway transfer station, and a lunch whiteboarding session lead by a board member.

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    Since the grant program inception in 2014, the Arizona Recycling Coalition (AZRC) Grants Program has awarded more than $40,000 in funding to nonprofit organizations, local governments and tribal nations to significantly increase recycling and divert what is taken to the landfill. The intent of the Grants Program is to develop new measurable recycling initiatives that significantly improve the recovery of recyclables. AZRC will award up to two (2) $5,000 grant this year.

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Recycling Programs and Affiliations

  • 2016 Conference Presentations

    The AzRC 2016 Conference was held in October 2016! Presentations that were open to be shared with our membership can be located using the link above!

  • Keep America Beautiful

    Keep America Beautiful is the nation's leading nonprofit that builds vibrant communities. We bring people together to unlock every community's potential.

  • Recycle Mania

    Recycle Mania is University based recycling competition held annually. The RecycleMania program is governed by a non-profit 501c(3) organization called RecycleMania, Inc. made up of a board of directors made up of recycling and sustainability managers from a variety of participating universities.

  • Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

    The ADEQ Recycling Program encourages Arizonans to reduce, reuse, recycle and buy recycled products as an alternative to solid waste disposal in landfills. The Arizona Legislature established the program in 1990 through the Arizona Solid Waste Recycling Act

  • Valleywide Recycling Partnership

    Find recycling and waste information about your Phoenix Metro Valley city or town.

  • Petit Fashion: A Guide to Sustainability and Recycling for Kids

    Petit Fashion is a UK children fashion company that believes Ii we're to live in a green world, it's important for adults and children alike to be supportive of the idea of recycling. After all, recycling has a common goal. Teaching its importance can improve your communication with kids, boost their self-confidence and even spark creativity. Whether it's in school or at home, recycling will have a number of benefits. You may find some helpful resources on this site.

  • Ollie Recycles

    A fun interactive website that teaches kids about the 3 R's.

  • Save on Energy -Landfill locator

    Insightful website and locator tools for active and inactive landfills in the U.S. as well as other waste information.